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TA Financial refund settlement products can work with all leading tax preparation software companies. Our refund settlement application can be integrated directly or as a stand alone application.
Advantages & Benefits
  • Instant Tax Prep Fees
  • Easily Integrated
  • More Profits
  • Accept Credit Cards
"GO" Rewards
TA Financial goes beyond the call of duty to reward its tax professionals for doing business with us.
Software Partners
Having a partnering relationship with TA Financial, allows our refund settlement application to be integrated into your software.
TA Financial Group is a refund financial settlement company that caters to the independent tax professional.Over the recent years, the traditional bank refund settlement products have been unpredictable due to the many tax laws, banking regulations, and numerous banks exiting the refund settlement industry.TA Financial understands the industry needs for a solid refund settlement program.
  • TA Financial hires Parker Web Services

  • TA Financial partnership with AccuTax Software

  • TA Financial partners with National Tax Centers

  • TA Financial partnership with TFG Card Solutions


It has been the most rewarding of what our customers have to say about TA Financial. Customer service after the sale is not a want or a must it’s a need, so don’t be surprise if we call you our number one priority.